SCIO, a system to be help us make conscious purchase decisions

Scio is designed to change the current consumer mindset which has been engineered to buy and waste to a more thoughtful one. Using a mobile application and a product which lives and dies by our buying behavior, Scio provides awareness of our spending habits and impact towards our collective future.

Mineral Use: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, nickel, tantalum, aluminum, tin, zinq

Conflict Space:

Our current culture that has been conditioned to consume is not sustainable. As we produce products driven by new technologies, what new problems will we be making for our collective future?

To reach possible solutions, I de-constructed a rather new product, the “smart” speaker to understand the affects on the Earth itself and the people involved.

Solution Space:

By providing consumers with thoughtful data to promote positive spending and a living product which physically represents our spending choices, Scio can promote change through the power of knowledge.