SCIO, designed to help us make smarter shopping choices for our sustainable future

Role: research + strategy, illustration, ux design, ui design 

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Consumption driven economy 

Our current economy models have been designed for the high consumption of products and proven to be unsustainable. As we continue to produce current goods and develop new products from brand new technologies, what will be the future of our environment, society and humanity?

Knowledge powers prevention 

Scio is a system focusing on the future. By providing consumers with thoughtful data to promote positive spending choices, Scio is designed to prevent over-consumption through the power of information. 


Research Areas:

After researching human behavior, planned obsolescence, and circular economy models, it became clear to focus on preventative measures of consumption to design for the future. The Scio system was designed  for the time in our lives when we are first learning spending behaviors, our college years into young professionalism. Scio’s story follows Nessa through her purchase and disposal decisions through these formative years.

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Smarter Spending  

Scio begins with lifestyle questions to better understand our spending needs from the very start. By tracking how we spend, Scio can help connect our choices to our sustainability goals.


Scio partners with companies who want to make a positive environmental and social impact along with research databases to provide us with the information we need to make smart spending choices. 

New Economic Measurement 

The Scio points system is derived from research and data to help us understand how our purchases rate with our sustainability goals. This provides a new form of value, connecting our monetary spending with our environmental and social impact.


Scio partners with local businesses and services which offer recycling, donating, and reuse to easily provide sustainable ways to dispose of our old things. 


Scio has an inner network for users to sell / buy goods and socialize with others who want a more sustainable future.

Growing Knowledge

As we grow and our lifestyles change, Scio connects us to brands that align better with our changing lives and keep us on track with our sustainability goals. 

*this was a student project with no affiliation to the companies shown

Research Methods: