ROTATIO, a toy for city kids 

Wooden toys are traditionally built for indoors, but city kids live in compact spaces that push them outside to play. Rotatio is a wooden “push n’ pull” toy for kids who are in their preoperational stage, (ages 2-7). Since this is the time where children develop memory and imagination, Rotatio helps build awareness with their environment by roaming over surfaces in creative ways.  

Although living in cities can have disadvantages such as poor infrastructure and crowded home life, the accessibility to education and enrichment programs can be more beneficial than in rural areas for children. These benefits are higher in households where parents are working full-time or more and rely on their communities for help. After spending time with one such outreach program in south Los Angeles, “A Place Called Home”, I learned that although children prefer to play outdoors, their nearest park was not in walking distance from their homes. This opened the design to focus on the environment they live in, so that they could play within the safety of their own neighborhoods. 

Rotatio is designed uniquely for city kids so they can take creative play into their own environment.

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