PLAYGROUND, a mobile system to help bridge the technology gap for future seniors.

The Playground system is designed to be approachable and learnable in order to bridge the technology gap often experienced by seniors. Through an expandable screen and a natural artificial intelligence system, Playground helps foster better technological experiences that can play a more meaningful role in their lives.

As our bodies age, physical limitations rise. These limitations can prevent the ease of learning new things or breaking away from comfortable systems, keeping us from being part of new technologies or industries. Playground was developed to help seniors adapt and stay relevant in their industries and societies through this new stage in life.    

Playground is a systems concept developed during a multi-disciplinary class sponsored by Google Android, 

with wonderful teammates TrevorCaitlinCindy, and Chase

Role: research + strategy, storyboard writing, ux design, product design 

Future Seniors, 65+

People are living longer and healthier, which means we will need to stay relevant in society. From the people we talked to in their 60s, we found they are retiring later and continue to be active in their careers. Reaching a certain age means starting a second stage of life, opening up new possibilities in work and leisure. 

Our Future Bodies

“Seniors” will become a large part of our workforce and society, but our aging bodies prevent us from keeping up with new technologies, which may hinder our abilities. Through an expandable screen and a natural artificial intelligence system, we developed the Playgrond system to help keep our aging bodies and minds using the technological tools needed to continue doing what we enjoy. 

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