ARISE, a line of beauty products for arthritic hands

Although arthritis will eventually effect most of our population, little has been designed for the inevitable changes to one’s lifestyle. Advancements in medicine and medical procedures provide aid to the physical problems of arthritis, but they do not address the toll the condition can take on the human spirit.

Speaking with adults with arthritis who were still proactive in exercise and pain management, the overall frustration lay in the loss of ability to do things they once enjoyed. Approaching several people and concentrating on one, (Barbara) then enabled the design space to reach a higher focus,the ability to produce physical objects to embody a non-physical idea, empowerment.

Cosmetics have long been a transformative tool, holding the ability to alter one’s physical appearance or enhance their natural beauty. Putting on a little makeup can have the power to build confidence. In Barbara’s case, it was part of her morning routine that she did not want to lose or need assistance in doing. In her words, “ A little makeup makes everyone feel better.”

Arise provides simple solutions to empower people with arthritis by giving back their ability to put on a little make up everyday. 

   Nail polish

  • form provides grip security

  • magnets open bottle without painful twisting

  • interior form squeezes the right amount of liquid on brush, (no need to use bottle to wipe off access) 


  • form provides grip security

  • magnets open eyeliner cap  without painful twisting

  • liquid eyeliner provides continuous ink, eliminating the need to sharpen pencil


  • form provides grip security

  • magnets open lipstick cap without painful twisting

  • differential mechanism inside provides lipstick to turn up and down without painful turning

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